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Get a good look at our service. See your data in a whole new way! We will put your restaurants on our service with no obligation for an entire month. Take the opportunity today to see how hard your data can work for you.

QsrSoft provides the service you need to effectively manage your restaurants!

You get instant access to:
Cash Controls
E-mail Alerts
Food Costs
Sales & Labor
Service Times
and much more!
Simple to Use:
requires only a web browser
share with your entire organization
at-a-glance consolidation
innovative graphs
powerful trend analysis
Easy to Maintain:
no software to install
no hardware to maintain
no long-term contracts or expensive fees
and we do the polling for you!


dotComm: Providing Fresh Ways to Manage Your Stores

"I use it every day check sales and service times.  I even have my alerts set to go to my wireless phone so if I can't get to the internet that day I still know if there is anything out of line I need to address." 
Kevin Moore
Owner/Operator - Houston Region


Manage At-a-Glance


Manage by Integration


Manage by Trends


Manage by Delegation


Manage by Flexibilty


Manage by Exception

Everyone has their own management style. QsrSoft understands this. DotComm was designed to present you with the data that is most useful to you in the most flexible format possible. Whether you prefer to use high level graphs and consolidated totals, or drill down to find details where you want to, we know that our service will help you to manage your store more effectively and give you better control over your profitability.

Whatever management style you prefer, your consolidated store data can be at your fingertips anytime you have access to the internet! With dotComm, you will save hours of valuable time that you used to spend collecting data and sifting through reports.

Manage At-A-Glance

"In five minutes I know the specific details for these areas and the specific people that are accountable for each area's successes and losses."

Kevin Poynter
Owner/Operator - Houston Region

Consolidated Store Information At Your Fingertips

DotComm by QsrSoft provides powerful and useful analysis of your ISP and POS data. At the core of dotComm is the At-A-Glance daily summary - a comprehensive, easy to understand overview of a day’s activity.

Clickable charts and graphs provide a “big picture” view – for a single restaurant, or as a consolidated view of all your stores.

Manage By Integration

"It's a huge time saver to be able to use the data export feature to integrate with our accounting system.  By doing this, we save hours of time by not having to manually type in items such as deposits."

Dana Cook
Owner/Operator - Southern California Region

Integrate With Existing Tools

Fresh Thinking brings easy integration with your payroll and other existing processes. Enjoy no-hassle integration with Paychex, ADP and other payroll systems. Use our data extract scheduler to receive data files via email. Use these files for your custom reports and spreadsheets.

Manage By Trends

"Within minutes we can check Service, Labor and Cash Controls both on a daily basis and trend the data over any specified period of time. I feel the service has had a great impact on both profit and QSC and would prove to be an extremely valuable tool especially to multi-unit Operators."

Mark Proctor
Owner/Operator - Heartland Region

Powerful and Insightful Trend Analysis

Fresh thinking lets you view and analyze your data over time. Trend data is available for service times, sales, cash controls and more. You can even use day of week selectors to view trends for weekends only, or specific days of the week!

Our service allows you to track the information that is most important to you. For instance, by using the PMIX Watch List function you can quickly analyze specific promotions or new product movement.

Manage By Delegation

"All of our managers and Supervisors depend on accessing QsrSoft for quick reporting of all Sales, Labor, Food cost and related information. I have given access to the Regional Marketing Agency to secure Product Mix information to help evaluate Marketing Programs."

Ed Acre
Owner/ Operator - New York Region

Share dotComm With Your Entire Organization

Share dotComm with your entire organization! DotComm was designed to be shared. Create as many sub-users as you like, with no additional charge, ever! Create sub-users with access to only the stores for which they are responsible. Grant or deny authorization to perform sensitive functions, such as payroll. Each sub-user has a unique user ID and password.

Manage By Flexibility

"Operational benefits include the ability to monitor out of norm behavior concerning cash handling, kitchen operations (KVS times by side), service times, and meal policy. It also gives you the ability to slice and dice information into ¼ hour increments."

Mike Benton
Owner/Operator - Houston Region

Fresh Thinking is Flexible Thinking

Fresh Thinking brings flexibility to new levels. Location selectors let you view the same reports for different stores, or even a consolidated view of all stores. Date range, time range, day of week and other custom selectors let you tailor dotComm analysis to suit your needs.

The time slice and overnight reports combine sales, labor and drive thru service times for any time period you choose. Corresponding trend charts let you monitor your custom time periods over several days or weeks.

Manage By Exception

"We love QSR Soft! It makes the R2D2 data easier to absorb, especially with multiple stores. My supervisors and office staff praise the graphical presentations of the data. With the alerts, it helps us all keep the main thing the main thing."

Ken Kades
Owner/Operator - Houston Region

Be Notified Automatically of Trouble Areas In Your Stores

DotComm Alerts notify you automatically when things go wrong. Over 50 customizable alerts can be used to monitor labor costs, service times, cash controls and more. Alerts may be sent to you via email, and are always available on our web site.