Manage and control your cash workflows, auditing and reporting.

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QsrSoft® Cash

QsrSoft Cash is a cloud application with local redundancy. It collects data from your point of sale in real time and enables the users to complete their cash management workflows. Cash processes include: drawer counts, skims of excess cash, validation of safe contents, deposit management, credit and debit reporting and more.

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What QsrSoft Cash can do for you

  • Provide real time cash sheet views
  • Incorporate a cash workflow to manage cash accountability all the way from the drawer count through deposit validation for all user roles
  • Improve data entry and accuracy with a intuitive interface including built in calculators and other graphical indicators
  • Display customizable alerts and key performance metrics
  • Audit each activity for security purposes
  • Handle foreign currency seamlessly
  • Provide 100% uptime using the local component that allows cash functions even when the internet connection is down
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What our customers are saying

“With QsrSoft Cash, we see a large reduction in POS integration issues. It is also much faster to perform cash functions such as counting down a register or running cash sheets.”Glen S. / Director / QSR