Securely manage the flow of data in your organization using the QrsSoft’s DataPass solution.

Examples of QsrSoft DataPass
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DataPassdata transfer service

DataPass data transfer service is a self-service system that securely manages the authorization and distribution of data for your company, allowing your franchisees or users to manage their data permissions and recipients.

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What QsrSoft DataPass can do for you

  • Securely transfer data with end to end encryption
  • Authorize which recipients can receive your data
  • Consolidate or separate data per provider as needed
  • Leverage eSign data sharing agreements
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What our customers are saying

“With DataPass I finally the peace of mind that comes with the ability to control where my data is sent. My organization is benefiting from being able to easily share the data to easily enable integrations with my systems.”John C / Franchisee