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QsrSoft® Forms +Food Safety

QsrSoft Forms allows the digitization of any paper-based process or custom form in an easy to use app that can be used on any PC, Mac, iOS or Android device. Users can delegate a form/task and track the progress towards completion in real time via their custom dashboard. Also included are advanced reporting and aggregated data metrics, alerts for critical items, and historical views of completed forms/tasks for review and tracking. A central warehouse is available to search and share forms among subscribers. A comprehensive food safety module is included in the premier bundle — allowing your organization to customize their food safety form, schedule, complete the checklist and monitor completion and compliance.

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What QsrSoft Forms can do for you

  • Simplify work by quickly completing, delegating, communicating, and accomplishing tasks/goals electronically
  • Assign recurring tasks to individuals and groups for completion
  • Know when tasks are accomplished and if standards are being met by tracking performance
  • Measure success through actual actions at every level of any size organization
  • Send real time compliance alerts
  • Pinpoint opportunities through powerful reporting and data metrics
  • Drive process improvements and easily hold people accountable
  • Share your custom templates with other members via the Shared Community Area
  • Streamline operations by having your staff focus on what is truly important - improving the customer experience and improving business results
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What QsrSoft Food Safety can do for you

  • Customize your food safety form for your local restaurant needs
  • Complete the food safety process from any PC, Mac, iOS or Android device
  • Send real time exception notifications
  • Schedule recurring completion of the food safety form
  • Provide customizable compliance reporting
  • Leverage integrated single sign for increased user accountability
Any device Access with Internet ConnectionYesYes
Custom build templatesYesYes
Preview & fill your form on different devicesYesYes
Storage library with categoriesYesYes
Easy access to your favorite forms usig dashboardYesYes
Assign recurring tasksYesYes
Real-time progress trackingYesYes
Access to history of completed formsYesYes
Digital food safetyYes
Real time alertsYes
Custom insights reportsYes
Summary and exception log outputsYes
Easily share your custom templates with other member via the shared community areaYes
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What our customers are saying

“Forms is very well-thought out and relevant to my business needs.”Franchisee

“Tracking forms and tasks I have assigned allows me to stay on top of what is happening in the business at any time.”Franchisee Director

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