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Increase productivity, save time and increase accountability
by digitizing the manual or paper processes in any organization.

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QsrSoft® Forms

QsrSoft Forms allows you to digitize your business – any size business. Take any paper-based or manual process and easily transform that to a custom electronic form that can be used on any PC, MAC, iOS, or Android device – providing incredible transparency and accountability. Gain a deeper understanding of how your business is performing and shine a light on your focus areas. If you say "there has to be a better way…." – This product is your solution!

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What QsrSoft Forms can do for you

  • Know when tasks are accomplished and if standards are being met by tracking performance
  • Delegate responsibilities to individuals and groups for completion
  • Measure success through actual actions at every level of any size organization
  • Be alerted in real-time to compliance issues
  • Pinpoint opportunities through powerful reporting and data metrics
  • Drive process improvements and easily hold people accountable
  • Share best-bet tools amongst other users in the Community area
  • Save time and simplify life by allowing folks to have laser focus on what is truly important – improving the client experience and increasing the business results