Planned Maintenance

Keep your equipment running so you can focus on the customer

How We Help

  • Increase Equipment Reliability Through Consistent Planned Maintenance

    Consistent maintenance is critical to equipment reliability. QsrSoft Equipment allows you to enter and customize the important PM tasks for all your equipment.

  • Schedule and Assign PM Tasks

    Schedule and assign PM tasks to your employees with a click of a mouse. The built-in calendar allows them to see their tasks and plan time to complete them.

  • Ensure Task Completion with Alerts and Reports

    Accountability is important and easy to use alerts can let you know if a critical task was not completed. Customizable reports and dashboard views allow you to stay on top of key maintenance tasks from anywhere.

Features & Integrations

Customizable Planned Maintenance Tasks

Enter the equipment planned maintenance tasks that are critical to your business and share across your locations.

Scheduled PM Tasks

Schedule and assign completion of important PM tasks to your staff.

Alerts and Reports to Increase Accountability

Simplify follow-up and increase accountability with easy alerts and reports to ensure tasks are complete.

Asset Management List

Easily manage all your equipment across each of your locations.