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Examples of QsrSoft Reports
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QsrSoft® Reports

QsrSoft reports is a cloud-based suite of data reporting and analytics tools that allow users to view reports, identify areas of opportunity and send that data to other systems. Data is collected and aggregated from your point of sale system and 3rd party integrations. Use the current day view to follow up in near real time on your operations or leverage the many detail page views to analyze cash controls, service times, labor metrics, food costs, product movement and many other metrics.

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What QsrSoft Reports can do for you

  • Showcase data on your custom reporting dashboard to easily monitor and review results
  • Display current day reporting that enables the organization to adjust in near real time to changing business conditions
  • Leverage drill down views to rank locations and identify trends
  • Custom display and analyze detail data for an entire day, daypart, hour, ¼ hour or create a custom timeslice to meet your needs
  • Mobile friendly reporting pages make it easy to view your data on a variety of devices
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What our customers are saying

“Great staff and support from the team at Qsrsoft. I have been a long-time user of Qsrsoft reporting and love the product.”Paul H. / Franchisee / TX

“We use QsrSoft reporting daily. Easy to use and great information.”Ann H. / Franchisee / TN