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QsrSoft® Security

QsrSoft Security leverages real time POS and surveillance system data to help identify questionable, excessive, and/or fraudulent transactions in your restaurants. Manage refunds, overrings, reductions, promos, discounts and more. Real time alerts can be setup and received via the iOS or Android MyQsrsoft application.

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What QsrSoft Security can do for you

  • Identify potentially fraudulent transactions in real time including a reprint of the receipt
  • Set thresholds for reporting graphs
  • Customize real time alerts via the mobile app
  • Integrate with surveillance footage
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What our customers are saying

“QSRSoft Security is one of the most effective tools in auditing critical cash control elements, as well as preventing and identifying possible theft I have ever seen. I had suspected cash theft happening in one of my restaurants, but all regular cash audit metrics were in line, and we could not pinpoint what was happening. Once QSRSoft Security was activated, it became clearly evident how the theft was taking place. The detailed transactional data provided on QSRSoft Security allowed us to verify specific register transactions with video surveillance to catch two managers working in tandem to steal money. It also provided documentation that resulted in felony charges against the former employees. I would strongly recommend any Owner utilize QSRSoft Security. Once employees know the level of visibility provided to each individual transaction, register manipulation comes to a halt. QSRSoft Security is well worth investment in your cash auditing procedures.”Tim W. / Franchisee / OR

“Being able to see promos and refunds real time has added $500,000 in revenue to my top line annually.”Jeff H. / Franchisee / GA

“QsrSoft Security has been a game changer. The ability to drill down and see actual transactional information has provided a level of security we have needed for a long time. Thank you QsrSoft for this brilliant addition to your product suite.”Dennis H. / Director of Operations / OR