5 Ways to Save Time in Your Franchise Management 

Running a franchise means balancing a lot of moving parts. If you aren’t careful, it’s easy to get bogged down in the weeds of a single task. We understand that no one wants to get stuck on one task when there is so much to do. So how can you save time and improve your franchise management?   

Here are our top five tips to help save time in your franchise management. 

1 | Use Written Communication 

It’s not uncommon for requests and other communications to get lost in the commotion if they aren’t written down. Do you need a location manager to take care of something? Or perhaps you need to have someone look into a delayed shipment. Whatever it is, you can’t guarantee that the other person will write it down on their to-do list when you call them up to make the request. When it comes to the important things, keep all your communications written so that there is a paper trail of who is doing what and when it should be done by–and we aren’t talking handwritten notes to employees. If you haven’t set up a work email system yet, consider this your sign to do that now.  

2 | Prioritize Your Tasks 

Manage your time more efficiently by prioritizing your tasks. Place your most critical responsibilities and tasks at the top of the list, but don’t forget to also keep the bigger picture in mind. If an item on your work list is taking longer than expected, consider setting it aside to finish later. Also consider solutions that will help you streamline certain processes, such as accounting or certain HR functions. For example, a digital platform that allows employees to access scheduling. 

3 | Train Your Employees Thoroughly  

One of the biggest keys to your business’ success is having well-trained staff. When your staff knows what they need to do and how to do it properly, you’ll spend less time doing some of that work yourself, leaving you free to take care of the bigger picture items and overall management. Plus, well-trained employees means a better customer experience! 

4 | Evaluate Regularly 

No business can course correct without regular evaluation. Not only do you need to evaluate the performance of employees, but also your sales numbers, expenses, supply chain, and more. Looking at the data you collect on all aspects of your business will make it easy to identify trends, improve customer service, close supply chain holes, and make better decisions overall.  

5 | Use QSRSoft Solutions 

At QsrSoft, our goal is to help make it easier to run great restaurants and franchises. Our innovative solutions have been trusted by leading restaurant owners and brands to power their growth.  

Our solutions will help you: 

  • Streamline your workflow and automate assignments with QSRSoft Forms 
  • Boost location results using QSRSoft TV, a centralized display that’s all about connection, execution, communication, motivation, and retention 
  • Analyze key data points with QSRSoft Reports, using near real-time data streams that keep you on top of the most important metrics for your business 
  • Manage employees better with Workforce Management’s tools to help you from hire and employee management to payroll 

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