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QSRSoft Reports

As an enterprise, it’s critical for you to access fast, reliable, customizable data for your brand. Performance data from the macro to the micro level help you measure performance and drill down to assess specific areas of your business. QSRSoft Reports is mobile-friendly so you can get the data you need anytime, anywhere. Quick views are built in so you can go directly to data points like sales and products, or you can customize your own report. You want to improve your business based on data-driven trends. QSRSoft Reports can help.

QSRSoft Workforce Management

People are the backbone of any business and usually the highest cost, making effective management of your workforce critical to your business success.  QSRSoft provides a full suite of workforce modules to manage your employees from initial hire, to scheduling, to recording time and attendance and finally to sending their payroll data.  Use the proprietary staffing analysis tool to recommend hiring and training activities.  Our Advanced forecasting engine and AI technology create accurate forecasts, employee shifts and name assignments all with the flexibility you need.  Timekeeping software makes the time recording and processing simple and compliant with legal requirements, while saving you money and increasing accountability through time punch validation.

QSRSoft Cash & Inventory

Cash and Inventory management are critical functions in any enterprise. Each of your locations needs to be able to manage their cash and payment functions efficiently and securely. An accurate inventory of both counted and theoretical inventory positions is necessary for an efficient supply chain. The flexible QSRSoft mobile inventory app makes counting and maintaining inventory functions a breeze.


In any large franchise organization, data ownership and permissioned sharing is critical. That’s where QSRSoft DataPass comes in. Our highly customizable permissions mean you can instantaneously control data access.  DataPass acts as a central hub for your data sharing — and with end-to-end encryption, and file or API based interfaces, integration is a breeze, and you can be sure your data is protected.

Forms with Digital Food Safety

Ditch the pen and paper and digitize your brand with QsrSoft Forms. QSRSoft Forms is a fully customizable tool that allows the digitization of all your brand’s processes, ensuring standards are upheld. The digital food safety component increased food safety compliance, helping protect the brand’s integrity.