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How We Help

  • Real Time Perpetual Inventory

    At the heart of QsrSoft Inventory is our perpetual inventory engine that calculates real time inventory positions with every transaction.  See real time gain/loss calculations to identify opportunities.  Streamline and energize your supply chain with real time position data. 

  • Simple Inventory Recording

    Use our inventory recording mobile app to take inventory easily and quickly.  Use the built-in camera to scan your inventory or leverage an optional Bluetooth scanner to turbo charge the process.  Compatible with any packaging or coding.

  • Cash Automation

    Nothing is more important than making sure your cash and cashless receipts are properly managed.  The register to bank workflow makes sure nothing is forgotten.  Leverage the integrations to speed up reconciliation and get a true picture of costs.

Features & Integrations

Daily Task Notification

Upon logging into Cash & Inventory, you’ll get Notifications of tasks to complete, along with quick links to jump straight to the most common activities — right from your home page.

Perpetual Inventory

Our unique inventory solution is independent of other functions, so you can get inventory numbers in real time, all the time. This also means you can review your cost of goods sold at any point, removing the issue of having to take inventories overnight or after close.

Bag it, Bank it, Check it

Validating deposits is a critical part of the QSR workflow. We save you time by integrating this functionality into our product — which means no more manual entry for your business.

Unbeatable Customer Support

In the QSR industry, when you have a question, you need an answer now. At QsrSoft, we’re here for you. It starts with our white glove onboarding, and continues throughout our partnership. No question is too big or too small! Support is integrated onto every screen so you can ask for help now.

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