7 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement with BOH Restaurant Signage

Engaging employees is key to a successful business. This is even more vital in the QSR sector, where the turnover rate is a whopping 144%. Back-of-house (BOH) digital signage is one way to keep the conversation with employees going, so that they feel in the know and equipped with everything they need to do their job. What kind of content keeps employees engaged, motivated, and informed (and less likely to look for another job)? Here are some suggestions. 

Gamified Challenges and Goals  

There’s a reason that the global gamification market is expected to be worth $96.8 billion by 2030: it’s because it works. Top restaurant chains use gamification to train staff, improve employee morale, and boost productivity. The result? Eighty-two percent of workers using gamification report being happier at work. And productivity is improved by up to 50%.  

Your BOH digital signage can be used to display team challenges, individual KPIs, and other fun, goal-oriented competitions. Motivate employees to meet their personal best, and engage their co-workers in friendly competitions that bring your team together. Celebrate challenge winners on your BOH screens so your workers feel recognized and appreciated. Your team will love the friendly competition, and you’ll get to  collect valuable sales and performance metrics to help you plan for the future.  

Employee Shoutouts and Celebrations  

Employees that get even a little bit of workplace recognition are up to 8 times more engaged than those that don’t get recognized regularly. And 65% of workers say that feeling recognized at work reduces their desire to leave their job. Of course, everyone wants to feel valued for their workplace contributions, and your QSR employees are no different. How can you reassure your workers—especially your top performers—that they’re seen and appreciated? 

Recognize workers for their wins in real time. QSRSoft TV+ lets you use your BOH signage to say thanks, celebrate goals met, and commemorate important events. Big up your employees when they hit performance and sales goals, keep excellent attendance, fill in for last-minute shifts, and get positive customer feedback. Birthdays, work anniversaries, and other events are also excellent reasons to celebrate on your screens.  

Company-Wide Announcements  

We’re suffering from a lack of workplace communication, and employees are feeling it. For example, one survey found that 74% of workers feel like they’re missing out on important workplace communication. And nearly 100% of workers feel that proper communication—or lack thereof—impacts their ability to complete work tasks. In fact, 85% of employees say they feel more motivated when they get regular company communication.  

This need for better communication is easily addressed with BOH digital signage. You can use your screens to display company announcements, news, and other important information. Keep your employees informed when there are changes to management, new team members come on board, or there’s a new employee training they can sign up for. Whatever the news, send it straight to your screens to share it with your teams at any, or every, one of your locations.   

Everyday Reminders  

It’s often the little things that make or break your productivity, and trickle down to your customers. Running a streamlined back of house is all about communication of the big and little things. For instance, you can use your BOH signage to post important food safety and public health reminders. Keep important everyday details top of mind for staff, who will appreciate the reminders in the form of prep lists, opening and closing checklists, menu cheat sheets, and more.  

Have a weekly meeting scheduled? Set on-screen signage to remind staff of the time and date. Got a big event coming up? Put all the details on your digital signs to keep everyone on the same page. Need to get new employees up to speed? Post a cheat sheet of their daily tasks that they can check off as they go.  

New Menu Items and Promotions  

Get your staff familiar with new menu items and promotions by laying out all the details on your BOH signage. Everything from food photos to ingredient lists to promo details can act as visual reminders they can check when they need to. You can also include key phrases and scripts to teach your front-of-house staff how to talk about limited-time offers and promote add-ons for better sales. And just like digital menu boards, you can change your BOH signage to display the day’s, week’s, or month’s current promotions.  

Weather Updates and Media Uploads 

Weather has become unpredictable, changing from one instant to the next. Using your BOH digital signs to display the current weather conditions can help your staff prepare for rush, as well as slow, times. It can also help you make changes to your business operations, like opening or closing early, as a result.  

What about that slideshow of your latest team-building event or company party? Use your signage to display those photos and get everyone psyched for the next company event. You can also personalize alerts with photos of your choice to give them more visual impact. 

Schedules and Shift Changes  

Last-minute scheduling and shift changes can cause frustration, a contributing factor to employee burnout and turnover. One nationwide survey of service workers found that 64% of them received less than two weeks’ notice of their upcoming work schedules, and 57% of them reported having only one day or less notice for shift changes. Understandably, this caused anxiety and stress for workers who grappled to make last-minute childcare arrangements and other schedule changes.  

It’s so important to communicate work schedules to your employees as early as you can. Using BOH signage— especially a system like QSRSoft TV+, which allows you to post content directly to your screen in seconds—means you can make real-time schedules and shift changes so your employees are never left guessing. This at-a-glance signage also makes it easy for busy employees to check schedules and pick up shifts. 

Stay connected with staff, keeping them informed, engaged, and motivated, with QSRSoft TV+. For more information, or a demo, contact us today.