Communication Tips with Baby Boomers for Quick Service Restaurants: 6 Tips for Effective Communication and Marketing

Every generation has its unique communication style. This underscores the importance of employing generational marketing strategies to connect with each generation in a manner that encourages them to visit your quick-service restaurant. 

Today, we’ll delve deeper into the motivations and behaviors of Baby Boomers and share tips on how to communicate with them effectively, both online and in person. 

Key Characteristics of Baby Boomers 

Baby Boomers wield the highest purchasing power among all generations. Despite this, only a small percentage of marketing efforts are directed towards them. This generation is either retired or nearing retirement and has spent the majority of their lives without modern technology such as smartphones and computers. However, they have successfully embraced modern tech and social media. Crucially, Baby Boomers are often enticed by special offers and exhibit strong brand loyalty. 

Now that we have a better understanding of this influential generation, let’s explore how to communicate and market to them more effectively. 

1 | Connect Where They Are Online 

In the realm of online interactions, Baby Boomers prefer Facebook more than any other social media platform. Ensure that your quick-service restaurant maintains an active presence on Facebook and regularly posts updates. Engage with commenters and your audience to foster deeper connections. It’s worth noting that while this generation is more inclined towards traditional advertising, using Facebook to reach Baby Boomers is a cost-effective approach. 

2 | Avoid Generation-Specific Slang 

Utilizing generation-specific slang can alienate other generations and lead to miscommunication. Instead, opt for straightforward language to prevent communication issues. Keep your communication open and direct, avoiding unnecessary ambiguity when addressing questions or concerns. 

3 | Cater to Their Sociable Nature 

Baby Boomers appreciate a welcoming atmosphere when they visit your quick-service restaurant. Appeal to their sociable nature by training your front-of-house staff to be friendly and personable. Excellent customer service accompanied by a genuine smile holds significant importance for this generation. 

4 | Prioritize Accessible Design 

Whether it’s on your online platforms or within your physical locations, ensure that all design elements are easy to read. Small, hard-to-read fonts can be frustrating for Baby Boomers. Instead, utilize larger fonts and opt for dark text on light backgrounds to enhance readability. 

5 | Foster Brand Loyalty 

Invest in strengthening their brand loyalty. In addition to accessible design and friendly customer service, offer high-quality food that encourages return visits, potentially with their children and grandchildren. This paves the way for a generational legacy of loyal customers. Further options for solidifying brand loyalty include offering deals, specials, and incentives. Consider implementing a senior discount or sharing coupons on social media or in a newsletter. 

6 | Pay Attention to Body Language 

Baby Boomers place greater emphasis on body language compared to other generations. This is why they prefer in-person conversations whenever possible, making visits to your restaurant incredibly important. Train your staff in positive and open body language that promotes positive and pleasant interactions. Discourage behaviors such as crossed arms or eye rolling, which can convey irritation. Instead, encourage your staff to smile and maintain eye contact when speaking and listening to customers. 

Final Thoughts 

Effectively communicating with Baby Boomers entails transparency, simplicity, and excellent service with a smile. Meet them online where they are by sharing engaging content on Facebook while avoiding generation-specific slang and memes that may confuse or alienate them. Enhanced communication builds trust in your brand, and trust is the cornerstone of solidifying their brand loyalty to your quick-service restaurant!