Data-Driven Decision Making: Leveraging QSRSoft’s Analytics Tools to Improve Performance

Plus How Better Data Leads to More Business Growth!

Sound business decisions are made based on facts and data. When you don’t have data behind your decisions, your actions are, in essence, random and could even become costly mistakes for your quick service restaurant. Without data, how will you know if your decision will be an effective one that delivers a good return on investment and doesn’t waste your time or money? 

The Power of Sound Data and Advanced Analytics

But that all comes with a caveat. That data has to be good data. What is good data? It’s data that is reliable and is collected from a variety of sources. Better data allows you to get the big picture and helps you drill down to specifics. Having reliable, sound data allows you to make decisions with confidence. 

Here at QSRSoft, we are huge data nerds! We believe in helping quick service restaurants gather the best data and providing powerful analytics that help propel your business forward. Our Data and Analytics solutions provide advanced analytics tools that allow you to harness the power of sound data, make informed decisions, optimize your operations, plus drive performance improvements.

Let’s dig into our analytics solutions and see how they can help drive growth for your quick service restaurant.  

QSRSoft Reports

QSRSoft Reports delivers powerful analytics that become the basis of making sound business decisions. Our analytics technology aggregates your key data into easy-to-analyze views. This gives you the ability to measure performance and identify key opportunities that help drive growth. 

But we know that getting data aggregated a month or even a week later doesn’t help you make decisions on the fly. That’s why we offer near real-time streaming of data, so you can react and make important decisions to ensure the best customer experience. Plus, you can also identify trends with tools that allow you to analyze your data over time. 

We also offer alerts to help you stay on top of key performance indicators and metrics. With QSRSoft Reports, you can easily set your own alert thresholds, so you can stay on top of what is important to your individual business and help you identify gaps. Then select real-time or once-a-day alerts based on criticality. 

QSRSoft Reports is also cloud-based, giving you powerful data and analytics from anywhere at any time–even from your mobile device! Plus, it seamlessly integrates with your point of sale and other data sources, so you can start collecting key data right away. You can customize your default view so you can see the data that is most important to you first. 

QSRSoft Security

Not only does analytics of your key performance indicators matter, but so does data that helps you fight theft. Our QSRSoft Security solution utilizes artificial intelligence to identify potentially suspicious activity. It aggregates your key data into easy-to-read views, helping you measure performance and identify potential fraud and theft. 

Plus, you can quickly improve the overall customer experience with our Customer Recovery tool. View any transaction details, including the receipt and video, to assist in handling customer issues and complaints. 

But there’s no need to overhaul your entire existing security system. QSRSoft Security works with your own surveillance system and point of sale system to identify a potential suspect or fraudulent activity. You can even set custom mobile alerts to enable immediate action. 

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