QSRSoft Recognized with “Great Place to Work” Certification

We’re excited to announce that QSRSoft has been honored with a “Great Place to Work” certification by the global authority on workplace culture. The independent study leading to this honor revealed that 98% of our employees love working here—and we couldn’t do what we do without every single one of them!  

Here are some of the key findings of study, why we believe that keeping employees happy and giving back is the key to our success, and how these values trickle down to our customers. 

How the Study was Conducted 

The Great Place to Work study collects data through anonymous employee surveys and questionnaires. This data is collected and analyzed to determine the overall morale of the workforce, and how it compares with similar-sized businesses. The research offers an in-depth analysis of a company’s strengths and weaknesses, information that helps improve employee engagement and retention.  

Key Findings  

  • 98% of our employees say it’s a great place to work compared to 57% of employees at a typical US-based company. 
  • 96% of our team members experience a high-trust work culture and are invested in our organization. 
  • 99% of employees say management is honest and ethical in its business practices. 
  • 99% of employees feel that when you join our company, you are made to feel welcome. 
  • 99% of our employees say our customers would rate the service we deliver as “excellent.”  
  • 98% of our team members feel that there is a “family” or “team” feeling. 
  • 97% of our employees say that co-workers celebrate their success. 
  • 97% of our workforce feels that management invests in their wellbeing.  
  • 97% of the team calls QSRSoft a friendly place to work. 
  • 96% of our employees say they want to work at QSRSoft for a long time.  

What Our Employees are Saying  

Along with the survey, the employee questionnaire mined some important areas, with positive results. Here are some of our employees’ thoughts on the QsrSoft work culture: 

“I love working here. I love the people, […] and on an individual level I feel valued, respected, and listened to.” 

“The most unique place I’ve worked at […] wouldn’t change a thing.” 

“Great place to work!” 

Of course, as with any workplace, there is always room for improvement. Some of these areas include employees wanting to work on some of our more innovative products, and wanting to get together more often for team-building outings. (We have plans for both!) 

How Employee Engagement Drives Our Success  

It’s been proven that employee engagement and recognition greatly reduce turnover and lead to many business benefits. From this study, we’re pleased to find that 96% of our workforce plan to stay with us for the long haul.  

We pride ourselves on our customer-first service culture, view our employees as a strong team, and value and invest in each member. The key to our success isn’t just tools and analytics that help Fortune 500 restaurants run successfully—it’s the employee experience that we work hard to build and maintain. It’s this empowerment-driven, supportive work culture that has, in part, contributed to our low turnover during the pandemic—while other businesses suffered from the Great Resignation, we lost less than 5% of our workforce during those two years.  

The link between employee morale and business success: 

The Role That Giving Back Plays 

At QsrSoft, we’ve found that our employees are uplifted by the charity work we do. As a company, we largely support two charities: Ronald McDonald House Charities and Mission Lazarus. Although we offer opportunities for our employees to give back through these charities on a voluntary basis, many have done so willingly, and the result has been overwhelmingly positive. For example, we’ve been able to raise more than $750k for both charities combined, just this year alone! But the effect on our employees is just as impressive. 

Through attending charity events, volunteering their time and effort at RMHS food kitchens, and personal donations, our employees report a great sense of accomplishment and wellbeing. They echo the sentiments of our owner, Mike Henkel, when he says, “I feel very strongly that you have an obligation to not just take out of a community, but to give back to it.” It’s this give-back work culture built by Henkel, and supported by the QSRSoft team, that fosters a stronger, more cohesive workplace, and a loyal bond with team members and customers.  

How Our Success Becomes Yours  

We are so honored to be considered a “Great Place to Work” by our team members! How does this effect you, our customer? Simply put, we put the same effort in building a strong team as we do in responding to our customer’s needs, and building tools that meet—and exceed—them. It’s these values that have made us the go-to for the top restaurants and franchises in the world.  

At QSRSoft, we make it easier to run great restaurants. How can our team help you run yours? Try a free 30-trial, or schedule a demo, of our world-class suite of products today.