Quick Service Restaurant Goals for the New Year: 5 Goals to Consider that Will Improve Your Quick Service Restaurant

After the rush of the holiday season, things tend to slow down at quick service restaurants for a bit in January. This is an ideal time to implement some changes and work toward new goals for the new year!

Here are five goal ideas for you to consider to help you improve your quick service restaurant for the coming year.

1 | Get More Organized

Getting better organized is one of the best ways to bring an improvement to all aspects of your business. It can help you manage the flow of customers, communicate with employees better, improve financial reporting, and so much more. Better organization can also help you feel less overwhelmed when it comes to managing the day-to-day tasks of your quick service restaurant. 

To get better organized, take a look at your systems for bookkeeping, communication with employees, data gathering, and workflows. Ask yourself what isn’t working, then make a plan to change how you are organizing those aspects of your business. 

QSRSoft offers a suite of solutions that can help you get your quick service restaurant better organized, from operational excellence to revenue generation. 

2 | Boost Your Marketing Efforts

If you are wanting to increase sales, consider boosting your marketing efforts in the new year. In this digital world, you can’t just expect to open your doors and that people will show up to your quick service restaurant. You have to reach them through marketing, whether that is digital or traditional marketing. 

Examine your target audience. Who are they? Where can you best reach out to them? Remember, you should always meet your target audience where they are. For example, if your target demographic is Gen Z, TikTok is the best place to reach them. If your target audience are Baby Boomers, try advertising on Facebook. 

3 | Implement Changes Based on Past Reviews

It’s always important to take into account what your customers have said about your business in the past. Take some time to revisit past reviews, both positive and negative. Word of mouth has one of the biggest impacts on how well your quick service restaurant does because potential customers trust other customers’ opinions. 

Look at what you are doing well and make note to keep those efforts up. Then take a look at where your business could improve. How can you work toward improving those aspects of your quick service restaurant? Make a plan and then signal to your customers that you are making some changes. Customers do love to know what is new and how you are continuing to improve service. 

4 | Gather Data More Efficiently

Struggling to figure out what exactly could use improvement in your quick service restaurant? Perhaps you need better data! Gathering data more efficiently can help you not only learn more about your business and make better decisions, but gathering it in a more timely manner can help you more quickly react to that data. 

If you are looking for a better way to gather data and analytics about your quick service restaurant, let QSRSoft assist you! Our powerful data and analytics solutions can help you gather data with near real-time reporting. Our cloud-based solutions seamlessly integrate with your point of sale and other data sources, helping you gain deeper insights about your business.

5 | Implement Better Workforce Management

Your team is the heart of your business! It’s important to not only improve your HR system, but your scheduling, time clock, and communication functions as well. Make a goal to get all your HR information and documents into one system that also gives you the ability to seamlessly integrate onboarding. You can also improve your communication with employees by using digital channels. You won’t always all be in one place at the same time, so having a digital connection can ensure that everyone is on board with important info and changes. Finally, a better scheduling and time clock solution can make it easier for employees to get down to business. 

QSRSoft has workforce management solutions your entire team will love. Our AI powered forecast and dynamic schedule generator helps you schedule the right amount of labor at the right times to help your team be more efficient. Plus, our smart time clock app makes sure your employees can easily clock in and out. You can also securely store your human resources documents with our workforce solutions as well, including seamless onboarding integration. 

Final Thoughts

Getting some new goals in place for the new year can help you continue to improve your quick service restaurant. Let QSRSoft help you with your New Year’s goals! We make it easier to run great restaurants with innovative solutions. Learn more today!