Simple Ways to Help Your Quick-Serve Team Thrive During the Holidays

As we approach the new holiday season, it’s undeniable that it brings a lot for everyone, and those of us in the quick-serve industry feel its impact deeply. From holiday specials and festive cheer to dealing with emotional customers and personal baggage brought into the workspace, not to mention the sheer busyness, your team will have a lot on their plate during the holiday season. The dynamics of your team can either flourish or flop, and we’re here to help by providing a few ways to make the holiday season a great one for your quick-serve team.

Six Simple Ways to Help Your Team Thrive in the Holiday Season:

  1. Give Gifts:
    There’s something to be said for tried-and-true gift-giving, especially from the leaders in the team. Gifts or bonuses are always appreciated, and generosity goes a long way. Find ways to give something tangible to your team that they will genuinely appreciate.
  2. Train Intentionally:
    Does your team know how to handle unruly and rude customers? Do they understand how to triage a situation and who to turn to for help? Ensure your team is well-trained, so they feel empowered to handle any surprises that come their way during the holiday rush.
  3. Communicate Well:
    Find ways to communicate clearly and simply so that everyone on your team is on the same page regarding any changes in schedule, policy, or specials. Consider using QSRSoft TV, our preferred solution, which connects your people to your business with vital information in the back-of-house operations.
  4. Look at Last Year:
    Analyze your numbers from previous holiday seasons to staff accordingly. Identify times of exceptionally high customer volume to plan ahead. Similarly, look for periods of unusually low volume and adjust staffing accordingly. Rely on actual historical trends with QSRSoft Reports to manage your business effectively.
  5. Express Gratitude:
    A positive word can be powerful for any team, especially in the quick-serve industry where the staffing mix varies from shift to shift. Express gratitude early and often to make it clear to your team how much you appreciate them and are there to provide support during the holiday season.
  6. Give Back:
    Find ways to give back during the holiday season and involve your team in those projects. When your team understands they are working for a greater purpose than just the bottom line, they are more motivated to invest in their work. Serving or giving back together also provides a great opportunity for bonding.

The holiday season is both a fun and tiring time for almost every quick-serve restaurant, with surprises and challenges alike. However, if you are intentional about how you engage your team, they will be there to work together and help your restaurant thrive during this season.