Streamline Your Quick Serve Restaurant Staff Onboarding 

4 Tips for Improving Your New Hire Onboarding for Your Quick Serve Restaurant 

Hiring the right person for the job is just the first step. The next step is just as, if not more, important.  

Properly onboarding your new staff can help reduce turnover and improve employee retention, and not having to hire as often means you save money.  

But what should a great onboarding process look like? What should be included in the onboarding processes and how can you keep that task from becoming burdensome for both you and your new hires?   

Let’s look at the best ways to streamline and improve your onboarding process for your quick serve restaurant. 

1 | Do a Pre-Onboarding 

Onboarding shouldn’t start the first day of work for your new hire. It should start the moment they accept a job offer with your quick serve restaurant. During this time, let your new employee know what to expect from their first few days and weeks on the job. At this time, you should also be preparing paperwork, uniforms, and other documents to help your new hire understand the company and workplace culture. If the new employee can, have them come in early to fill out and sign paperwork so you can get straight to training on the first day, instead of spending time on paperwork. 

2 | Orientation and Training is Key 

Orientation and training are not interchangeable, but they are both crucial parts of helping your new hire get started on the right footing. On the first day, have an orientation by showing your new hire around your quick serve restaurant and introduce them to the other members of the team. If they haven’t already filled out and signed paperwork, have them do that as well. This can also be a good time to set up any of their digital accounts, such as digital HR, payroll, and email. Don’t forget to also educate them on any company policies and procedures, including server minimum wage.  

Training is when the new staff member begins to learn their roles and responsibilities. Pair up your new hire with an experienced employee in your quick serve restaurant to show them the ropes, how to operate equipment, and more. The better the training is, the better equipped your new hire will be to handle anything that comes their way, helping them love their new job more! 

3 | Support the Transition and Growth 

It’s important to support your new hire during periods of transition and growth. As your new staff member begins to work more independently in their position, continue to support them and offer guidance and advice. Leaving them to their own devices after training can feel a bit like you are throwing them to the wolves. Be sure to also schedule regular check-ins to answer questions and ask for feedback to identify any problems or issues. Fixing them now can help improve chances of retaining the new employee. Less turnover means a better work environment for all your employees, and that over the long-run, your quick serve restaurant will be much more profitable.  

4 | Use QsrSoft to Help Automate!  

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