The Benefits of Performance Reviews: 4 Reasons Why You Should Do Performance Reviews

Performance reviews might seem daunting for employees, but when done right, they shouldn’t be intimidating at all. In fact, they can be both beneficial for the company and employees.  

So let’s dive right into those very benefits, plus, how you can run a better performance review for your company. 

#1: Allows for Career Growth 

While performance reviews tell companies where their employees need improvement, it also allows individual employees to set goals and grow in their careers. It can help them create a pathway toward career growth and advancement with the company. And when employees better succeed, the benefits translate to the company too.  

#2: Improves Performance

Providing constructive feedback helps motivate employees to do well. And this isn’t just about improving what may be lacking in their performance. Positive feedback can further encourage great work, improving their overall performance, which is part of creating a positive workplace culture and can boost company profits.  

#3: Boosts Employee Engagement

Speaking of a positive workplace culture, employee engagement is key to creating a good working environment. Performance reviews help clarify expectations, determine needed training, and encourage open dialogue between employees and management. All of this increases employee engagement, and engaged employees take more pride in their work!  

#4: Provides Documentation

Performance reviews also provide a record of an employee’s performance over time laying out their development journey. It makes it easier to go back and look at the progress an employee has made over the past year or even five years. Being able to see this documentation can further help with goal setting and career growth.  

Using QSRSoft Forms for Performance and End-of-Year Performance Reviews

QSRSoft Forms solution saves you time and stores all the information in one place, improving the process of performance reviews and subsequent analysis of the data. Here are the benefits of using our Forms solution: 

  • Our pre-made forms can be customized for your organization, saving you time and energy 
  • You can import your restaurant rosters into the performance review form, ensuring everyone gets a performance review survey 
  • It’s digital, so you don’t have to worry about the need to have paper 
  • Completed performance reviews can be submitted for approval or emailed to a user 
  • Results are stored in one location plus everyone gets the same questions, making it easier to analyze the data and draw conclusions about what is working and what needs improvement 
  • You can control who sees completed performance reviews by making them confidential 
  • With our Usage Insights, you can see real-time progress 
  • We can even digitize your paper performance review by sending it to us! 

Our Forms solution’s import roster and confidential features can even be used for other forms such as orientation checklists, follow-up reviews, wage reviews, and other human resources forms. Learn more on our website today!