Time Saving Tips for Running Your Quick Service Restaurant: 5 Tips to Help Your Quick Service Restaurant Thrive!

Running a quick service restaurant means dealing with a lot of moving parts day to day including sales, inventory, managing your team, and marketing. But running your quick service restaurant should be about more than just making it through the day’s list of to-dos and making ends meet when it comes to paying the bills. We know you want to thrive, stand out, and succeed. 

So what does it take to thrive in the quick service restaurant industry? It’s harder than ever to stand out from the crowd these days. Saving time on mundane tasks can help you focus on those bigger issues, like getting more feet in the door. Here are some essential practices and time management tips you can follow to help your quick service restaurant succeed!

1 | Prioritize Your Tasks

In order to manage your time efficiently, you must identify and prioritize tasks based on their urgency or importance. Start each day by creating a to-do list. Put the most critical tasks that need immediate attention at the top of your list. You can save even more time by creating this list the night before!

By focusing on high-priority tasks, you will ensure that essential operations are taken care of efficiently. This can help reduce delays and mistakes. If staying organized is a struggle for you, consider using task management tools or software to help you get organized and stay on track.

2 | Delegate

Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks. Running your own business may make you inclined to handle every aspect of your business. But if you take on too many tasks, you actually run the risk of making mistakes, or not putting in the effort that is needed for a task because you are just trying to get through your tasks. However, delegating to trained staff members can help you save time. It also helps empower and engage your team, helping them take ownership. 

3 | Don’t Save Year-End Tasks for the End of the Year

Getting your ducks in a row for end-of-year tasks is often saved for the very end of the year. Instead of waiting to get your books sorted for taxes, work on those items throughout the year. By keeping up on your books more routinely, you won’t feel rushed at the end of the year, which can be busy both at work and home with the holiday rush. 

4 | Train and Empower Staff

Training staff shouldn’t just happen when they are new employees. It’s important to refresh employees’ knowledge throughout the year. This can limit mistakes and missteps by employees that could be costly. You can further empower your staff by offering leadership training or mentorship programs. Today’s employees want opportunities to better themselves as well as have opportunities to learn and move up the ladder at work. By offering additional training, you can empower employees and help them feel confident. This confidence translates to happy employees as well as happy customers, who can see that your employees enjoy working at your quick service restaurant!

5 | Use QSRSoft!

QSRSoft offers innovative solutions that help quick service restaurants thrive. Our solutions include operations, helping you with day-to-day tasks, communication, workflows, scheduling, and engaging with and motivating your staff. 

We also offer tools to help you with data and analytics. Get access to near real-time data reporting, delivered to any internet connected device via our mobile apps. With our comprehensive analytics, you can dive deep into your business and make the changes needed to succeed at the cash register!

Looking for back office and HR solutions? We have that too! Optimize and streamline your back office and HR solutions with integrated HR systems and modules to help you manage your cash, inventory, timekeeping, and more. 

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