Ways to Boost Your Quick Service Restaurant Team’s Morale and Support Their Mental Health: Plus How Boosting Morale can Improve Employee Retention  

Service jobs can be tough and exhausting. Even the most seasoned quick-service restaurant employees can start to feel worn out from the grueling daily grind. 

Unfortunately, the daily stress of the job can lead to low morale and poor mental health among your employees. When your staff no longer enjoys their job, it’s likely that they will leave, resulting in low retention rates. 

But what if the solution to poor employee retention rates was right under your nose? 

Why Better Morale and Mental Health Improve Employee Retention 

Several studies have shown a connection between employee retention rates and employee engagement. When employees don’t feel a connection with their employer and aren’t engaged, it directly leads to low retention rates. Employee engagement can also directly impact the guest experience. 

Customers can also discern when employees are unhappy with their job or when their mental health is suffering. Emotions and mood are contagious. Think of it this way: Who wants to frequent a quick-service restaurant where the employees are unhappy and stressed out? 

In other words, employees who feel fulfilled, engaged, and invested in their work create a positive environment for other employees and your guests, leading to better employee retention rates and happier customers! 

4 Ways to Boost Employee Morale and Support Their Mental Health 

We understand that your plate is full, and you might be wrestling with the thought of adding another task to your to-do list. But keeping your team happy and engaged is actually easy and fun! 

Here are four ways you can boost your quick-service restaurant team’s morale and support their mental health: 

1 | Empower with Collaborative Scheduling 

An employee’s sense of control and respect directly correlates with morale. In other words, when an employee is included in the decisions that affect them, they feel more valued, respected, and invested in their success and the success of your business. 

One way to empower your employees and ensure that your staff isn’t overworked is to allow them to set their own availability and collaborate on scheduling. Check out our Smart Time Clock and Scheduling Graph View as part of our Workforce Management solutions to help you and your employees create a schedule that works for everyone! You might also like QSRSoft TV, which allows you to display weekly schedules to the entire team, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. 

2 | Keep Communication Channels Open 

Honest and open communication is key to higher employee engagement. We know many managers shy away from straightforward conversations with employees, but these moments of open dialogue provide the opportunity for employees to have their concerns heard, helping alleviate something that could be weighing heavily on their minds and affecting their mental health. Open dialogue can also be an opportunity for you and your managers to show how much you appreciate your employees! 

Make sure your employees know that they can come talk to you or their manager at any time. Also, provide digital communication options, such as company email. By offering several ways for your employees to reach out at any time and by being open to honest conversations, you’ll build both trust and loyalty with your employees. 

3 | Recognize Success and Reward Loyalty 

A significant part of engaging employees is recognizing those who excel. So take the time to celebrate moments when a team member goes above and beyond and use QSRSoft TV to display their recognition to the whole team! Doing so can literally motivate other employees to go above and beyond, and it can also pay off financially. A Gallup survey reported that highly-engaged businesses achieve a 10% increase in customer ratings and a 20% increase in sales. 

Here are some ways you can recognize excellence at work: 

  • A simple thank-you note or recognition letter 
  • Applause at a team meeting 
  • An “Employee of the Month” program 
  • Shout-outs on your social media channels 

Remember, the recognition should be genuine, timely, and personalized! 

4 | Schedule Non-Work Related Activities 

Team building and a sense of camaraderie can help your employees unwind and have fun while bonding. Carve out some time for your staff with fun, non-work related activities that help them become more resilient when dealing with stress. These team-building exercises are a great way to boost morale and increase engagement. Try a “paint and sip night,” a round of paintball, or even a day of volunteering together (which also gives back to the community that gives so much to your business)! Just ask your team what they would be interested in doing together, because their buy-in is crucial. 

Key Takeaways 

In a competitive labor market, it’s important to remember that a happy employee is an engaged employee. Engaged employees are more motivated, productive, and more resilient when it comes to stress. By boosting the morale of your team, you’ll see positive impacts on workplace culture, employee retention, and customer satisfaction! 

Ready to boost your team’s morale with tech solutions that truly work? Check out QSRSoft’s suite of products that improve employee communication, make scheduling easier, and much more!