Welcome Hospitality Veteran Nathan Pickerill as our New Head of Product!

Welcome Hospitality Veteran Nathan Pickerill as our New Head of Product! From tending bar to developing tech that make restaurateurs lives easier, Nathan Pickerill has filled many roles in his 20+ years in the hospitality industry. His hands-on experience on all sides of the business is exactly what we were looking for as our new Head of Product. Get to know Nathan, and what he brings to the table, in this fun Q&A.  How did you get into the hospitality industry? Nathan: I worked as a server and bartender through college and worked my way up to a manager position. While I enjoyed the social aspect of the job, I really fell in love with the tech side of the business when the company asked me to calculate theoretical bar costs and order predictions. My passion for the project caught the attention of the founder of Decision Logic, who asked me to come on board as a project manager.   Tell us a bit about Decision Logic and your role there. Nathan: Decision Logic is a restaurant management tech company focused on hospitality data aggregation, inventory and supply chain management, employee and payroll management, and integration to all restaurant systems. I worked there for 10 years, starting as a project manager, and eventually became their director of operations.  Did you miss working directly with customers? Nathan: While I enjoyed that part of the job, I found that working on the tech side allowed me to live the best of both worlds: I could still be involved in the hospitality business; in fact, I was actively working to improve it and solve some of the issues I saw as a server, by improving the efficiency of restaurants’ back-end software.  From Decision Logic, you moved on to HotSchedules, which later merged with Fourth. What was your role there? Nathan: I had several roles during my eight years, ranging from solution architecture to product strategy. My focus was data integrations and product flow for their enterprise customer base.   And recently, you were the VP of Product at Black Box Intelligence. Tell us more about that. Nathan: Black Box Intelligence is a company focused on hospitality industry performance benchmarks. I helped shape the vision for a ground-up revitalization of their product suite while also helping to stabilize their existing legacy products.  What made you decide to join our team at QSRSoft?  Nathan: I was excited to join the QSRSoft team primarily for the attitude of the team members. It’s a very customer-centric atmosphere focused on doing what is right for the operators. I was impressed by the strong client relationships they have developed. I felt that my industry experience, both on the service and tech side, gives me a framework for developing products that people in hospitality need to do their job better and more efficiently.   Want To See How QSRSoft Helps You Manage Your Restaurant?  Try our software suite for free—request a demo today.