How Compelling BOH Content Keeps Employees Engaged and On Track 

Get excited! We’re in the works on a brand-new Content Streams Management feature for QSRSoft TV+, and we can’t wait to share it with you! This new tool will make it easier to share compelling content across multiple locations with less effort. 

Keep an eye out for an official announcement soon, but until then, let’s take a look at why you need this content curation tool for your back-of-house (BOH) signage. The answer is pretty simple: to create a stronger, happier, and more productive work culture. How? 

Enhancing Workplace Communication  

Did you know that poor communication costs businesses around $37 billion a year? Every time your employees miss out on important policy updates, training for business processes, or anything that impacts their functioning well at their job, you stand to lose money—and your employee. Lack of workplace communication is one of the top reasons staff members leave. 

BOH signage lets you share curated content and real-time information with your employees in small snippets they can read as they take breaks, or between job duties. These visual reminders and short messages keep important information in front of them constantly, resulting in better retention.  

Setting Clear Goals for Better Engagement  

Goals should never be moving targets. Setting clear and attainable goals for your employees builds a more engaged, motivated team—and one that’s set up for success. In fact, employees are 42% more likely to achieve goals that are physically recorded.  

Keep your employee goals in front of them at all times on your BOH signage. Break goals down into actionable steps that they can check off as they go, making the reaching of goals less intimidating and more rewarding. Track important metrics, checking off their goals as they meet them in real-time on your screens. And celebrate their wins in front of their peers with fun on-screen messages and media.  

Promoting Fun, Healthy Competition  

What restaurateur or manager wouldn’t want their restaurant to be seven times more profitable than their competitors? Research tells us that gamification can boost your sales this much. Plus, employees love games—78% of employees say it makes them more engaged and their work more enjoyable.  

By leveraging top-tier tech, like QSRSoft’s TV+ system and its gamification features, restaurants can easily create fun contests between staff and locations. Get your team involved in a fun challenge of “beating” the team at another location, for a little healthy competition that boosts their team pride.  

Recognizing Wins to Improve Employee Morale  

People want to feel appreciated for what they do. And yet 65% of employees say they haven’t received any recognition whatsoever for the work they’ve done in the past year.  

Recognition makes your workers feel seen and valued. It also connects them to their team and the company as a whole, as their personal successes are reflected in the success of the restaurant.  

QsrSoft TV+, and its new Content Streams Management feature, lets you curate messages that keep the motivation going, even when you’re not there to say, “great job!” On-screen thank yous and shoutouts, employee-of-the-month messaging, and other celebrational messages are powerful. At the same time, you’re building a culture of recognition where everyone is celebrated for their contributions.   

Creating One Cohesive Team Across Locations  

It can be challenging to manage multiple restaurant locations successfully. But the ones that are successful are the ones that work at building a cohesive team culture across their locations.  

Along with using the right digital technology to streamline operations, you also need to streamline internal communications to make sure everyone is on the same page. QsrSoft TV+ and the new Content Streams Management feature lets you manage all your BOH signage content—for all of your locations—from one platform. This means your company announcements, safety and health reminders, training modules, and other standardized procedures can be communicated immediately across locations.  

Now, you can leverage QSRSoft TV+ and its new content curator feature to create fun competitions between locations, send special shoutouts to top performers, and share positive online reviews and customer feedback.  

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